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Welcome to the Wiki for Dr. Qiu's Evolutionary Bioinformatics Lab at Hunter College!

Lab Gallery

{{#ev:youtube|Jb4ACK-GjM0|400|right|Tick Expedition, Fire Island, New York, 2019}}

video link: Fire Island, Summer 2018

Lab Resources

Research Interests

  • Evolution, microbial diversity, and pathogen genomics. I am interested in the population genomics of microbial species. The main focus of my lab is the comparative analysis of multiple genomes of the Lyme disease pathogen. The goals of my research include reconstructing the history of worldwide diversification of the Lyme disease bacteria, an understanding of the mechanisms of their genome evolution (e.g., the roles of recombination and natural selection), and inference of gene and genome functions.
  • Bioinformatics & fieldwork. I use computational and statistical approaches to test evolutionary and functional hypotheses. Students learn and use modern computational tools such as relational database/SQL, Perl/BioPerl, and statistical computing with R.

Courses & Curricular Development

Bioinformatics career & Summer programs

Software Development

Research and other Publications (since 2008)

  • Jenner's Dilemma and how to win evolutionary arms race against microbial pathogens
  • Xia & Qiu (2021). "Twin Guardians of Civilizations". DailyClout
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